Our Services

SpankingServices was formed in the 1990’s in the heyday of the Great British producers of fine, fun spanking literary and film media such as KANE, Ivor’s Red-Stripe, Moon-glow, Blushes, SFP. It was in these footsteps we followed with an array of spanking films, covering all aspects of fun and adult fantasy role-play. The bond was made between several ladies from Domme, sub & switch backgrounds to produce material from real life style scene players ,so all the action is real with all limits adhered to. Sadly due to the pornography film makers moving in on a large commercial scale shut down many small producers along with restrictive political legislation. So he we have the back catalog of films from both the fabulous Miss Hasting’s Westgate Collection to the extensive SpankingServices collection starring ladies such as Lady Pandora, Liz, Shanelle and the dearly departed Miss Bond. Please contact us for more info.